#90,"Shatili"oil on canvas.Leonid Shishkin AUCTION.

Eva''s cosmoexpressionizm

Eva''''s Cosmoexpressionizm,
My childhood.
....Sitingon a high chair by the table,with the sunglight coming through the window behind me.Icansee my shadow on the surfase of the table in front.Ican see a litle ciiurly head, and narrov shoulders,and Iam drawing them. Iam drawing my shadow as it moves gettingshorter, which makes me hurry so that I can catchthe image before the shadow disappears...
My paintings were born with me in Georgia.I cherish every corner of that land-from Tbilisi-to my native village Chithelubhanhi.It''''''''''''''''s nature seemsa Paradise on the Earth, its people are themost cordial, sinsereand good people in the world. Ower there , nobodi can be left to die from hunger or lonelises,and everyone is sure that,should there a tough time come,one is

neither ignored nor helpless because one''''''''''''''''s neighbours are alwaus eager to come to help like one''''''''''''''''s close relatives.
In that country,the sky at night is splendid and fullof stars,and the moonshine is as bright as the daulight. Everyone there is somewhat of a poet and a painter,a writer and a signer, all with that special subtle Georgian sense of humour...And what shallIcall the spring in Georgia if not a beautiful bride robed in white silk clothes...This is my Georgia!
My Georgia ...isin my pictures which shed its sunlight and exhale its poetry, its spiritual health and energy....My paintings are my belovedchildren who bring to the World my joy and love.
Love is an internal flame within us with which we warm each other. Oncewe love we shall be loved. Such is the fairness and goodnes of nature,its grase and gift to us.

Eve Kudukhashvili''''''''s pictures amaze with violence of color and to unusual volumes. When one color is imposed on another, deep shine turns out. This brillianse its opening in painting that did not beat at impressionists and экспрессионистов. If all, to speak about a genre and style in which the artist it works, probably philosophical cosmoexpressionizm. Kartini Eve''''s, alive, graceful and madly beautiful. The life of the artist is entirely devoted to painting. Art it for the sake of what it lives. How many remembers, all time drew.Therefore for it never there was a question what to do in a life
the works of this artist a painters Eva Kudukhashvili are fuii of music and ruthm,expression as well as harmony,eleganse and plasticity,
Eva does not paint as an impressionist who catches color from nature as a physikal fact of light changes. she does not follow the ancient symbolic explanations of the meanings of colors.not does she see the color of peoples'''''''' auras.she simply gives them her colors,generously sharing her joy of living in the colorful world she creats.A fine example of the interrelation between artistic genius and the unique individuality of the artist.
This personal intutive way of painting that completely depends on the personal characteristics of an artist as an individual is discribed by Eva Kudukhashvili as "cosmo-energetic painting".In Eva''''''''s words,the colors she puts on her canvas come "from above,"the cosmos,she vievs herself as an extrasensitive instrument that transforms this information through her own life-experiense onto canvas.Beqause of her positive mood while painting(Eva is completely happy when she paints,and frustrated if something prevents her from doing so)she gets colors of relative positive energy,just like a music-lover tunes a radio to find the melody responding to his mood.that is why,she believes her paintings possesan energetic field of healing.

Oil paintings by Eva Kudukhashvili will be in perfect preservation more years from now!

Why? Because the paintings by Eva Kudukhashvili are not affected by time, they exist irrespective of time. And in some more years his paintings will look as they are today - perfect and intact. The pride and the secret of the artist lie in his art technique. Each painting has some more hundreds layers of a transparent paint material and a special structure varnish. Therefore, in more hundred years, the master''''''''s canvases will be as bright as now. Sometimes it takes the artist up to some years to create a masterpiece.

Some art critics classify Eva Kudukhashvili reative manner as symbolism or associative-metaphorical style, others specify his style as cosmoexpresionizm,But all agree that the master has created the individual unique style, and the unique painting technique.
The artist''''''''s works represent the new word in painting, the art of the new era, the art of the Future. Eva Kudukhashvili is a master whose world outlook has absorbed the wisdom of the East and the West. His works do not confine themselves to time and space frameworks - they have a really cosmic scale. The artist is positive that it is Love that lies in the foundation of the Universe. Only Love can create things, only by means of Love and in the name of Love one can do wonders. This idea goes through all the works of the Maestro. The refined feel of the line and spatial depth, together with absolute pictorial freedom, help reflect both the inner and external beauty of the world.
Harmonic combination of intellectual potential and high poetic and romantic level offers Eva Kudukhashvili a unique opportunity to pass through himself everything initiated from above, and express this in his paintings. His every work, like a drop of water, reflects the Universe.
Eva Kudukhashvilii a mouthpiece of the new spiritual paradigm of the third millennium. Having discovered for yourself the world of this amazing artist you will be able to sense the joy of life filled with Love and Harmony, to touch the Eternity.
Eva Kudukhashvili creative material is well-known all over the world. The artist''''s paintings have been purchased by the galleries and private collections in Russia, the USA, England, the Netherlands, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and other countries.
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